Micro ECON: A South-Asian Perspective

By (Author's) William A. McEachern
ISBN 9788131511947
Edition 1st
Binding eBook
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Publisher & CopyRight Owner Cengage Learning India Private Limited
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4LTR Press, a Cengage Learning product, is a widely acclaimed concept of learning with a simple approach—creating an innovative teaching and learning solution built around today’s learners and teachers. The idea behind bringing out this series of books is to introduce students and teachers in India to an innovative concept in management studies. Since the launch, 4LTR Press has helped more than 1,800,000 college students at over 2,000 schools succeed worldwide.

Micro ECON, a 4LTR Press product, takes into account and integrates the inputs from discipline-specific focus groups, conversations, and surveys; and presents the content in a visually-engaging page layout, keeping intact the high-quality content instructors need. It adopts a persuasive visual medium and offers a balanced approach, demonstrating how to use microeconomics to make business decisions. The book aims at enjoyable reading and easy attention using comprehensive pedagogical features.

  • Systematic and methodical manner of coverage of topics
  • Visually appealing presentation
  • Caselets and case studies on the Indian economy and the world economy
  • Numerical illustrations, problems, and solutions
  • Chapter review sections at the end of each chapter
  • Rich pedagogical features such as
  • o  page-side definitions of important terms
  • o  learning outcomes
  • o  multiple choice questions
  • o  chapter-end exercises
  • CourseMate includes Interactive eBook, Flashcards, Interactive Quiz and more.

Chapter 1   The Art and Science of  Economic Analysis

Chapter 2   Economic Tools and Economic Systems

Chapter 3   Economic Decision Makers

Chapter 4   Demand, Supply, and Markets

Chapter 5   Elasticity of Demand and Supply

Chapter 6 Consumer Choice and Demand

Chapter 7  Theory of Production and Cost

Chapter 8  Alternate Objectives of the Firm: Traditional, Managerial, and Behavioral Theories

Chapter 9 Perfect Competition

Chapter 10 Monopoly

Chapter 11 Monopolistic Competition and Oligopoly

Chapter 12 Decision Making under Certainty, Risk, and Uncertainty

Chapter 13 Resource Markets

Chapter 14 Labor Markets and Unions

Chapter 15 Capital, Interest, and Corporate Finance

Chapter 16 Transaction Costs, Imperfect Information, and Market Behavior

Chapter 17 Economic Regulation and Antitrust Policy

Chapter 18 Public Goods and Public Choice

Chapter 19 Externalities, Poverty, and Public Policy

Chapter 20 International Trade and Finance

Chapter 21 Economic Development

Case Study



Simrit Kaur

Dr. Simrit Kaur is a professor of public policy at the Faculty of Management Studies, University of Delhi, India, where she has been teaching the economic theory of a firm, macroeconomics, and public policy reforms for over two decades. She also guides research scholars at the Faculty in areas of development economics, environmental economics, disinvestment, and mergers and acquisitions. Dr. Kaur has undertaken several research projects and acted as an advisor to institutes and organizations such as the Ministry of Finance, Government of India; National Council of Applied Economic Research (NCAER); the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD); International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD); and Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations. Her areas of interest include privatization, food security, economic freedom, productivity, and competition. In addition, she has published and/or presented several papers at national and international conferences. Dr. Kaur’s book Privatization and Public Regulation: The Indian Experience, published by Macmillan, received the Best Book Award.

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