Learn with Videos: JEE Physics (Vol 3)

By (Author's) B. M. Sharma
ISBN 9789353508791
Edition 1st
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Learn with Videos: JEE Physics (Vol 3) is a Cengage Exam Crack Series® product that comprises Waves and Thermodynamics & Optics and Modern Physics. It is the complete set of video content on the Cengage Digital app designed to help aspirants significantly enhance the level of their JEE preparation.


All videos are developed by our best-selling Physics author B. M. Sharma [Author of JEE (Main & Advanced) books.


The content in this product is crucial from the exam preparation standpoint and provides a roadmap for subject-specific learning. With the help of video content, aspirants can learn concepts anywhere from their mobile devices or laptops and at their own individual pace, which will maximize the results of e-learning. The digital content approaches the subject in a very systematic manner to help build a conceptual understanding of each topic.


Apart from theoretical explanation, most of the topics are explained with the help of examples/case studies also for easy mastering of concept applications.


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17 Chapters | 175 Hours | 570 Videos



Waves and Thermodynamics – 8 Chapters | 91 Hours | 288 Videos


  1. Thermometry, Thermal Expansion, and Calorimetry (9+ Hours) (35 Videos)
  2. Transmission of Heat (8+ Hours) (28 Videos)
  3. Kinetic Theory of Gases (8+ Hours) (29 Videos)
  4. Thermodynamics (13+ Hours) (45 Videos)
  5. Linear and Angular Simple Harmonic Motion (16+ Hours) (51 Videos)
  6. Travelling Waves (9+ Hours) (32 Videos)
  7. Superposition and Standing Waves (15+ Hours) (39 Videos)
  8. Sound Waves and Doppler Effect (9+ Hours) (29 Videos)


         Optics and Modern Physics – 9 Chapters | 84 Hours | 282 Videos


  1. Geometrical Optics: Part 1 (14 Hours) (46 Videos)
  2. Geometrical Optics: Part 2 (12 Hours) (41 Videos)
  3. Wave Optics (14 Hours) (45 Videos)
  4. Diffraction and Polarization (5 Hours) (18 Videos)
  5. Dual Nature of Radiation and Matter (8 Hours) (31 Videos)
  6. Atomic Physics (10 Hours) (36 Videos)
  7. Nuclear Physics (13 Hours) (47 Videos)
  8. Semiconductor Devices and Digital Circuits (6 Hours) (12 Videos)
  9. Communication Systems (2 Hours) (6 Videos)


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