eBook for Design Thinking: A framework for applying Design Thinking in Problem Solving

By (Author's) Anuja Agarwal
ISBN 9789353507367
Edition 1st
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The book presents a well-researched framework of the ‘Design Thinking’ approach to problem-solving. It provides a practical approach for an end-to-end solution, starting from the pain points to on-ground implementation of solution. It presents differences between traditional thinking and design thinking, explained and elaborated with the help of practical examples. There are several examples from the Indian context that the readers will find relatable as well as interesting.

  • Content presented in a lucid, concise, and easy-to-understand manner
  • Contains ‘project diary’ that the students may use as ‘workbook’
  • Includes real-life examples related to the content
  • Lays a well-researched framework for the design thinking approach
  • Presents a practical approach to providing an end-to-end solution

1. Design Thinking Evolution

2. Design Thinking and Innovation

3. Design Thinking Imperative

4. Design Thinking Framework

5. Design Thinking Process: Phase I—Empathize

6. Design Thinking Process: Phase II—Define

7. Design Thinking Process: Phase III—Ideate

8. Design Learning Process: Phase IV—Prototype

9. Design Thinking Process: Phase V—Test

10. Design Thinking Process: Phase VI—Implement

11. Projects and Project Diary



PPSMTO Framework for Design Thinking


Cengage Digital App includes: flashcards, additional MCQs,  additional problems (partially solved using the tools), additional examples to enumerate the design thinking process, video of case study on design thinking process, and videos on select topics.

Anuja Agarwal, PhD in Management Studies from Mumbai University, MCA  from DAVV, and  B.Sc. (Computer Science) from Delhi University, is the Founding Dean, Academics and Student Affairs, at Sitare University (India’s first 100% scholarship-based Computer Science University for underprivileged students), Indore, MP. She is a visiting faculty at IIT Bombay—Shailesh J. Mehta School of Management and is also an adjunct faculty at the K J Somaiya Institute of Management.

Previously, Dr Agarwal was Associate Dean of Technology Management at MPSTME, NMIMS Mumbai. She has 30 years of rich experience in teaching and research and specializes in Innovation, Design Thinking, and Innovation Management. Dr Agarwal has published several research papers in renowned journals and guides PhD students. She has received awards in Innovation, new academic program development, and Distinguished Women in Management.