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By (Author's) P. R. N. Sinha | Indu Bala
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The main objective of the present work is to offer literature on the subject based primarily on the Indian context and to enable students to have an easy and convenient grasp of the subject. Every effort has been made to comprehensively cover all the relevant aspects of the subject incorporating up-to-date materials and developments in the field. While the book is based primarily on Indian context, adequate attention has been given to cover, at appropriate places, those theories, strategies, approaches, and practices that have general applicability and also the experiences of the countries of the West and the far-east, particularly, USA, UK, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan, which have acquired universal recognition.

Since the publication of the first edition of the book in 2016, there have been some notable developments having potent impact on HRM. Of these, a particular mention may be made of changes in labour laws and regulations, enlargement of multinationals and expansion of international business, the emergence of new challenges in international HRM, somewhat rapid improvements in information and communication technology, accelerated movement of skilled employees and managers from one country to another, and occurrence of certain unforeseen incidences such as spread of Corona pandemic and political upheavals in a few countries. All these developments have been kept in mind in the finalization of this second edition of the book.

  • A new and comprehensive chapter on “Human Resources Development” covering all the basic aspects involved.
  • A comprehensive section “Glossary” containing useful and relevant words commonly used in HRM and Management along with their brief connotations.
  • Thorough modification and enlargement of chapter on “Globalisation and International HRM”.
  • Incorporation of a few new case studies in some chapters.
  • Additional sections on new legislative measures along with their provisions under suitable headlines in relevant chapters.
  • Updating of data, information and developments and their insertion at appropriate places.
  • Inclusion of a few new useful terms in the margins in relevant chapters along with their explanations.
  • Systematic and methodical manner of coverage of topics

1. Labour and Human Resource Management—Some Basic Considerations

2. Human Resource Management Today

3. Evolution and Growth of Human Resource Management in India

4. HR Planning, Forecasting, Recruitment, Selection, and Induction

5. Training and Development

6. Compensation/Wage and Salary Administration—Basic Aspects

7. Job Evaluation

8. Financial Incentive Plans

9. Fringe/Employee Benefits

10. Compensation Legislation

11. Performance Appraisal

12. Discipline and Grievances

13. Trade Unions, Employers’ Organisations, and Collective Bargaining

14. Industrial Relations and Employee Relations

15. Participative Management/Workers’ Participation in Management

16. Communication in Industry

17. Human Resources Development

18. Globalisation and International HRM

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